Auto Sales Copy

Automated Sales Copy

Robotic printer that writes sales copy
A printer that writes its own sales copy

The Dreaded Blank Document Screen

As I began watching the unmoving graphic on the “video”, I was soon turned off by the inane fear the promotion promised to eliminate. The narrator told me that the worst thing I had to fear could be avoided. The promo seemed to be moving towards a software IA thingy that could write your sales copy for you.

Sound familiar? If so, you may be involved with internet marketing. It’s a familiar hit from the world of selling something to internet marketing wannabes.

In this case it’s a software solution to writing sales copy. Any automated writing of copy is something I would avoid on principle, that principle being, I write to express my thoughts and feelings. I don’t see how that could happen if it’s automated.

But, wait a minute. What if the whole purpose of writing is simply to make money? And the highest paid writing is sales letters and pages on the internet? What if you could get someone or something else to write your copy that you get paid for? Is this starting to sound enticing?

If your answer is no, then we agree on this.

The narrator, very soon after he began, with the sound of loathing in his voice, said, “There’s nothing worse that staring at a blank document on your computer screen.” That is the horrid fate in store for you if you do not get the copy writing service.

I simply clicked away. My answer to this problem is far easier and less than the $69 a month fee, which you will pay only until you realize you made a mistake.

Real Writers Create Copy

One does not come up with a creative concept sitting in front of a computer. I’m using a computer to type this, of course. But I already sat at the kitchen table with a pen and a pad of paper and did a half hour’s free writing.

According to David Wilcock I was even attuned to the cosmos by writing on the 8 1/2 by 11 ruled paper. He informed me recently that the dimension of paper, that standard dimension, is harmonious with the size of the earth and the moon. It’s a natural relationship of geometric shape. You can feel very positive about an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, ruled or not.

If you take the paper and put it into the landscape position, you are ready to mind map your writing project. That can be a fast way to get creative. Soon, taking another sheet, back in portrait mode, with the interval of 20 minutes or so spent free writing. Hey, you’re well on your way to a blog post.

I didn’t learn about free writing until I was in grad school at USF. It didn’t take long to get going. Another helpful factor has been the time I spent writing morning pages in a disciplined way, an artist’s way, referring to the book by Julia Cameron.

Once you let go of the inner editor you move ahead quickly. Resolve to put off editing until later. If you get stuck, you write, “I’m stuck.” And also, maybe, “I’m stuck because the last idea  doesn’t seem to go anywhere….Wait a minute. Yes it does.”

Sentence stems may come in handy to lead from one idea to another. “That last thought makes me think of…” and write the first thing that pops into your head. Then write the same stem again with a new thought. After a few times you some material to work with.

My best time to free write is in the morning when I first get up. I can start while the coffee brews. Almost any morning I may have something in mind to write about. (Although I don’t always write.) Soon I can take a break to get a mug and go back to writing. It’s usually three pages and a cloud of dust.

When I type in my morning’s effort, rewriting comes into play, almost by itself. This is like a second draft.

You may remember that quote from Peanuts: “Reading maketh a man full; talk maketh him conversant; writing maketh him exact.” But I don’t see how a software service writing for you is going to maketh you anything.


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