Sale Letters’ Hidden Part

Five + One Parts of a Sales Letter The five parts of the sales page, (or sales letter), are well known by experts who write about copywriting and bloggers who read about copywriting. The hidden is not an integral part of the page, but it is a very important part of the process. Let’s review […]

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Perform Copywriting Alchemy When You Write

Using Copywriting Alchemy Step by Step Copywriting alchemy is analogous to the fabled goal, the keystone of alchemy in the middle ages, turning lead into gold.  Some say the process represents, symbolically, the raising of your attention from material things to the etherial quest for higher wisdom. In copywriting alchemy you raise the lead of […]

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Copying Ethics

Who Ya Gonna Copy? My confession: I like the ambiguity of the web page title, Copying Ethics.  Am I writing about the ethics of copying, being ethical when copying, or about copying ethical philosophy, how we copy ethical behavior?  I hope to include both. To keep the basic ethical question simple and establish a foundation, […]

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