Sale Letters’ Hidden Part

Five + One Parts of a Sales Letter

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The five parts of the sales page, (or sales letter), are well known by experts who write about copywriting and bloggers who read about copywriting. The hidden is not an integral part of the page, but it is a very important part of the process.

Let’s review the main parts of a sales page.

  1. Headline – that draws a reader into your copy.
  2. The lead sentence – that makes them want6 to read more.
  3. Bullet points – showing all the benefits to what you advocate
  4. Stories – answering all the questions and objections
  5. Call to action -that enables the reader to take possession of what you offer.

As Uncle says in animated Jackie Chan, “One more thing!”

6. Fulfillment – when and where the buyer gets what the want and is happy about it.

A good follow through in fulfillment avoids refunds and encourages further purchases. And it should all get done as quickly as possible. If everything is ready to be sent out the door, you are totally good to go. If everything is available for access online with a minimum of thinking and clicking, you are beyond good to go.

Not leaving a Tail in Fulfillment

Dan Kennedy spoke of not leaving “tails” after a presentation or workshop. That means not promising something that would be delivered later, especially something that would require work on his part to put together and send out.

In the digital world this factor is different. If part of your offer is a membership up sell, you may not have everything promised at hand. But you are pleased to do some work each month in return for the income you receive as compensation.

This is especially true if you regularly create a particular kind of item that someone wants. It can be the focus and foundation of your membership fulfillment. Every month your member gets a unique good that they want. And you are just the person to make that happen.

Even a physical product can be a valued membership fulfillment item. I have been enrolled in several membership programs that included a CD every month. I was always happy to get the CDE and play it in my car as I drive.

Digital Rules Audio

That’s dated now. At this time, the more common way of receiving audio products is digital download. You can send the signal into your car by mini-jack or Bluetooth. You get convenience and good sound while you drive.

Similarly, many prefer to take in the audio through ear buds while they do an activity that doesn’t require thought – walking, for example, or better yet, walking on a treadmill and avoiding interruptions from something you didn’t see. Likewise, spinning on a stationary bike, instead of riding your bicycle on the street while distracted by the audio presentation, may be the wiser choice.

We take in a lot of audio. Have you noticed that many “videos” online are just an unchanging image that goes along with an audio presentation? Why do we not process an mp3 file as easily as a video? It can only be because studies have shown that more people will open the “video” that doesn’t change and listen to the audio than will open an mp3 file.

What does that say about us? Could it be because 80% of the population is sight oriented. Only 14% is audio dominated. If you are accustomed to absorbing podcasts, you may be in the large minority of listeners, as compared to viewers.

Give Static Video Vitality

When the audio is accompanied by a Keynote or Power Point slide deck, the video does come to life. I prefer that to the static image.

Preparing any form of audio or video as a fulfillment of a sale is a crucial skill. True, you can outsource this process. But if you cultivate the skill you have flexibility and readiness for moving quickly into a new product.

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